13 Box System: How to Structure a Presentation (in Minutes) 
Tuesday, February 15, 2011 at 07:25PM
Thomas Clifford in 13 box structure system, presentations

Have you ever been asked to give a presentation?

If so, did you struggle for hours trying to figure out what to say first?
Then second?
Then third?

What if you had an “easy-as-pie” system to instantly map out any presentation you deliver?
How cool would that be?
It’d be very cool, right?

Well, you can have that system now
And learning how to use it will take just minutes.
(Really, it will.)

13 boxes was my life-saver
When I started public speaking a few years back, I wasn’t sure how to outline or structure a presentation. But a light bulb went off.

I remember running across something called “The 13 Box Structure System.”

The 13 boxes form a grid to help you outline a presentation that rocks
I first started out creating a grid with, um, 13 boxes.
Then I outlined my presentation.
And I was home free.

After using the 13 Box System, I was confident I had a presentation that incorporated a solid structure (a beginning, middle and end) and communicated exactly what I wanted to say in a way that kept the audience engaged.

Eugene Moreau of Moreau Communications reveals his 13 Box Structure System
Eugene just created four very short videos detailing how to use the 13 Box Structure System to give a presentation. Each video is only two minutes or so in length.

The system is dead simple and highly effective
Even if you’re comfortable giving presentations, do yourself a favor and check these videos out.

Here’s what I suggest:
• Grab a piece of paper and a pen.
• Place it in the landscape position.
• Watch the videos and make notes as you follow along.

First, Eugene shows us how the presentation grid is divided so the page has a beginning, middle and an end.

Then Eugene shows us how to create the five stages in a presentation:
1. Conclusion
2. Headlines
3. Critical Messages
4. Main Body
5. Opening Sequence

In the last video, Eugene shows you how to order the 13 boxes when you deliver your presentation.

Where and when can you use the 13 Box Structure System?
In addition to presentations, I think you can use this system just about anywhere. Use it for meetings, slide shows, videos, podcasts, etc.

Can 13 boxes really make a difference in your presentations?
It did for me.
I’m sure it will for you.

Watch the videos and decide for yourself.

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