Why Push the "Play" Button?
Saturday, October 14, 2006 at 12:52PM
Thomas Clifford



"Why are you pushing the "play" button for your audience?

That one simple question will provide you and your filmmaker the 'e-Motional' DNA to make your film a success.

Of course, other questions will arise.   That's the point.

I was in a meeting this past week discussing a short film that was unique in it's approach, especially for a Fortune 500 company.  Our discussion created many ideas, many possibilities.  We were getting close to what the film should accomplish, so it was getting time to hit the bullseye. 

If you get stuck reaching your objective, remember the "3H Mantra:"  Head...Hands...Heart.

Head:  Do you want your viewer to think a certain way?  Are you changing or correcting a perception?

Hands:  What do you want your audience to do?  Call?  Write?  Share?  Log on? 

Heart:  How do you want your viewer to "feel" the moment the show ends?  Define the 'e-Motion' in one word.

The deeper you go...the better the film...the better your results.


Brand with 'e-Motion'  


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