Jethro Tull Teaches Personal Branding
Thursday, October 5, 2006 at 09:15PM
Thomas Clifford

ian.jpgIan Anderson, the lead singer and frontman for Jethro Tull, is the king of personal branding. 

While driving home after the show last night, I kept thinking of Ian as a brand; a brand with definite feelings that arise just thinking of his name.  Here's what Ian taught me last night: 

1.  Journey:  When the lights go down, the journey begins.  Ian takes you places you never expected to go.  

2.  Mystery:  There's a sense of uncertainty and intrigue during every minute of the show.

3.  Expectations:  You know what to expect--no surprises.

4.  Surprises:  Once your expectations are set, the surprises begin.

5.  Fun:   Play is "centerstage," so to speak.  Nothing too serious, folks.

If I were to incorporate Ian's brand within my practice, here's the questions I have to ask myself: 

Do I provide a "journey" for my clients?  Is there some mystery about the way I work and tell my story?  Are my clients expecting certain feelings when they are engaged with me?  Do we surprise our customers with something more than what they were expecting?  Am I fun to be around?

Maybe if I think like Ian Anderson every now and then, I'll surprise myself and my customers.

Now...if I can just figure out how to play that flute!

Tom :-) matters

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