Six Ways to Make Your Corporate Film Pop!
Saturday, December 9, 2006 at 01:48PM
Thomas Clifford



Seth Godin's new post on pilots reminds me of seeing those boring corporate've seen them, too.

These videos follow directions flawlessly; no soul, no energy, no imagination.

To avoid falling into the trap of having your video look like everyone else's, remember:

1.  Use authentic voices.  Let your people tell your story. 

2.  Avoid, as much as possible, scripting what people're audience is smarter than you think.

3.  Be clear on why you are making your film...end-of-year spending maketh not a great film.

4.  Remember your audience.  You are making the film for them...not for you.  (That'll rattle some cages!)

5.  Seven minutes or less is a perfect length for most films.  Avoid buying video "by the pound."  Less is more. 

6.  Consider multiple ways of distributing and re-purposing your film.  Digital files offer more opportunities than ever before to maximize your message.

Seth is right.  We don't need more people to follow directions exactly. 

Your video shouldn't follow a set of directions, either.


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