Your Desires: A Blueprint for Fulfillment
Wednesday, September 20, 2006 at 08:37PM
Thomas Clifford


How do you fulfill your desires? Or you even clear what your desires are? If not, why not?

How can you possibly expect to "get" what you think you want, if you haven't made those intentions yourself or the universe?

If you were to draw a "roadmap" or "blueprint" that described the path for the fulfillment of desires, what would it look like?

Deepak Chopra's article on "Desire and the Chain of Command" is a stunning display of how desire gets fulfilled in our lives.

According to Deepak, desires pass through four layers or levels of manifestation:
1. personal consciousness
2. the desire body , or the unconscious level
3. collective consciousness
4. pure consciousness

The clearer our desires become at the deepest levels, the better the chances of those desires have of becoming fulfilled.

So...if, indeed, there is a roadmap to help you fulfill your desires...what are you waiting for?


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