Is Your Corporate Story an "e-Motion"?
Thursday, September 21, 2006 at 07:15AM
Thomas Clifford



I got to thinking...

When organizations decide to tell their story through film, they take a leap. 

As a filmmaker, I, too, take that leap with them.

Together, we take a leap into the unknown...that "place" where questions unfold endlessly.

Questions like:  Who will tell the story?  How will it be told?   Why is their story worth watching?  Who cares?  What's the payback?  Will we make a difference?  

Sometimes the answers come easily...sometimes not.  

But I trust, and know, that the DNA for the corporate story is contained in every employee. 

I trust the voices that carry the DNA will be captured authentically.

I also trust smart organizations will seek opportunities for that DNA to express itself...authentically and emotionally.

Authentic corporate films = the blueprint for the "e-motional" DNA of an organization.

---enjoy the ride  :-)

"Director" Tom 

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