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5 Myths of Corporate Videos

What Your Marketing Department Never Told You About Corporate Videos

Corporate videos are here to stay. Agreed? Good.

Every industry has myths surrounding it. The world of corporate video is no exception. Let's go behind the "curtain of Oz" and dispel some fictional tales that will, ultimately, help you to create the inspiring and authentic video your organization deserves.

The 5 Myths of Corporate Videos

Myth #1: My corporate video has to look boring like everybody else's.

You've seen them. I've seen them. Boring and poorly produced videos have pervaded the corporate landscape for years. Why? Two reasons; money and poor storytelling.

Fact: The mini-documentary format powered by genuine and honest human interest stories produces amazing and compelling corporate videos anybody anywhere will enjoy watching...oh, yeah, and talk about.

310680852_afe25bde64_t.jpg Myth #2: We don't need a scriptwriter.

Don't try this at home, folks. Saving a few dollars by having a "writer" (i.e. someone who does not write for the eye and ear) craft a television script is not worth the aggravation in the long run. Save now. Pay later.

Fact: A seasoned scriptwriter can craft the most compelling story given all the demands of production (filming schedule, on-location logistics, unearthing the best story, budget constraints, corporate politics, etc.) A writer who does not understand the production process can ultimately be a costly proposition.

Myth #3: Our CEO needs to be in the video.

Nope. Of course, there are times when it will be necessary for executive management to appear on-camera, but not often.

Fact: Not every CEO can tell a great story and come across as "camera-friendly." Your audience, in most cases, would rather see and hear stories from "the field;" their peers. Creating emotional connections with your audience is one of the biggest gaps to cross in producing a successful corporate video.

235543461_b1d9dc2720_t.jpg Myth #4: All interviews need to look 20 years old.

For years, lifeless executive interviews were combined with uninspiring cinematography to become the lifeblood of corporate videos. It was easy, it was quick and it required little imagination.

Fact: In most cases, you can capture an emotionally engaging interview with dramatic eye-catching cinematography in about the same amount of time as it takes to set-up and film a stale and tired looking interview.

485473121_b44cbcd092_t.jpg Myth #5: Corporate videos cost $1,000 a minute.

Wrong. Again. D'oh! How long has this been going around? I've been hearing this for over 20 years and the dollar amount hasn't changed a penny!

Fact: Every single corporate video is hand-crafted. From scratch. So is every video budget. It's hand-crafted, too. No exceptions.

Creating a corporate video that gets conversations started can fun, exciting, and most importantly, life-changing.

Producing an engaging corporate video isn't really all that difficult. What's difficult is showing your video nobody cares about.


P.S. Have a corporate video myth you'd like to share with me? Drop me a note.

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Reader Comments (2)

Nice post Tom!
I just can't resist inserting one from my own field:
Myth #6: Music is unimportant in corporate video.
As Steven Spielberg once said: "Movies are like lightning, but the music is the thunder". So why use stock music when you can have specifically composed music?
May 19, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterRayD

Perfect! Yes, indeed, custom music can make a tremendous difference between a flat corporate video and one that "pops!"

I think "5 Myths Pt. 2" may be in order :-)

Thanks for the comment.

May 19, 2007 | Registered CommenterThomas Clifford

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