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"Hey! Don't Freak Out!" Demystifying Epilepsy

telly_bronze.jpg telly_bronze.jpg telly_bronze.jpg

Moments like this are, indeed, rare.

4 Remarkable Heroes + 4 Authentic Stories + 2 Films + 4 Awards =

A Chance to Change the World!

It hasn't happened until now.

I'm talking about what it means to have epilepsy. I mean r-e-a-l-l-y talking about epilepsy. And to r-e-a-l-l-y talk about how judging others with medical conditions stinks. Judging those with epilepsy only continues to perpetuate the myths that prevents us from connecting ourselves to one another. The Epilepsy Foundation and KGC Direct is out to change that...and to change the world, with these two videos.

The videos I just finished producing are rolling out to most public junior high and high schools throughout America.

Three Telly Awards and an Ad Club of Connecticut Award later...the films are done. But the conversations are not.

The conversations are just beginning. Hopefully, these conversations are starting to demystify and correct the myths, the stereotypes and judgements people have towards those with epilepsy.

My deepest desire is to see these stories help the world become a better and kinder place. It has been a blessing to be able to capture this footage and to act as a "bridge" for those with epilepsy and without epilepsy.

"Out of the Shadows"

This short documentary is designed to show the real-life experiences of a diverse group of four teens dealing with epilepsy and the misperceptions of their peers. Their deepest desire is tell the world that they, by and large, can do the things that you can do. RSS readers click through.

"Take Charge of the Facts"

A hip, graphic-packed, fast-paced film covering the basics of epilepsy, the different types of seizures and first aid.


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Reader Comments (2)

Tom -- Much of the joy of coming to your blog over time is the enthusiasm you have for changing the 'game' of corporate films/documentaries. This will obviously always be at the heart of what you do, formally and informally.

Today, however, I sensed a change. Why? Because it stepped beyond the intellectual...and began to use video to talk about video, film to talk about film. And I became excited in a very new way about the work you do...and the potential impact you could have.

I've always secretly wondered why you relied on words to talk about film. Why you didn't create short (30 sec - 5 min) videos that demonstrated what you meant instead. Or, just as good and faster, to take other videos/films that show the positive and negative design/narrative decisions organizations make. Instead of rallying non-filmmakers around the conceptual in's/out's of changing their documentary style, why not show great/terrible examples...and quickly (3-5 points only) deconstruct them. Challenge firms to do the same thing. Show high production (big corporate $) and low production (YouTube, et al), too.

Inspire by showing, not telling. And then add your voice to give that expert insight. And let your blog audience (and future clients) realize that you can a) help them re-think and b) do the film as well.

Go look at Presentation Zen, for instance. He talks PPt and typical presentations. But he's doing the same thing. And I think there is a niche for you to do it as well, also!

Thanks for getting me excited again.
June 8, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterChristian Long
Hi Christian,

Thanks for a great response.

My take...

I haven't highlighted other videos and deconstructed them for a number of reasons.

Most importantly, because I am not comfortable judging other people's work through this blog. That's not my intention here.

My intention is to share insights and lessons that I've learned over the years as a corporate filmmaker with those who can benefit from it.

If I can achieve that, my goal has been accomplished.

Thanks for being an incredible supporter of my work and mission from the very beginning.
Your work was one of the first places that inspired me to start my site...for that, I am deeply thankful.

Be well.


June 8, 2007 | Registered CommenterThomas Clifford

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