Top 10 Most Rockin' Posts of 2009
Monday, December 21, 2009 at 08:11AM
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Here's a baker's dozen of my most popular articles in 2009. FYI: Not every article was written this year, but hey, that's ok, right?

If you like these articles, you can read more in popular posts.

Thanks to everyone who read, commented, or shared these articles. Your support has rocked me throughout the year. I wish you a rockin' 2010.

1. 17 Invisible LinkedIn Tricks Revealed
Lots of hidden gems in this one! I created this list after presenting live LinkedIn workshops to nearly over 450 people this year. It's the tips and tricks 99% of the people on LI totally miss or don't use. My most popular article ever in three years of blogging.

2. My 22 Best On-Camera Interviewing Tips Ever
The ultimate guide for interviewing someone. Heck, there's great tips if you're ever going to appear on-camera. This one generated lots of comments.

3. 10 Tips to Create Your "Remarkable" Corporate Video
On oldie but goodie. Seems like this riff will remain a "classic" for some time.

4. Are You Asking These 11 Stimulating Interview Questions to Capture Your Company’s 'Honest-to-Goodness' Video Story?
Here's a list of neat questions you can keep with you at all times. Use them just about anywhere, anytime.

5. Tom's Twitter Profile
Most readers miss this page because it's the page Twitter folks see from my Twitter profile. What makes it so unique? It's where I share my many passions outside of media-related topics.

6. 7 Interesting Storytellers to Follow on Twitter
Even if you're not on Twitter, you'll definitely enjoy reading the tweets from these very cool people.

7. 3 Steps to Make Your Corporate Video Jump Off the Screen!
Just integrating these three simple elements will go a long way in transforming your media into something engaging and believable.

8. 7 Sure-Fire Steps for Creating Your Company’s Documentary
After 25 years in the biz, this is my "DNA Code" to visual narrative storytelling for organizations.

9. 9 Super Simple Ways to Rock Your Company Video
This got tweeted by Guy Kawasaki and wow- it got tons of eyeballs!

10. The Hero's Journey Pt.2: Preparing the Video Interview
Of course, preparing for an interview is just as important as the interview itself.

BONUS: Ummm...this is the "baker's dozen part. :-)

11. The Fascination Method
Creative writer and positioning guru Mark Levy pens the first-ever guest article here. Mark's idea is so cool anyone can use this technique for just about anything.

12. Three Keys to Good Storytelling
And this second guest post article rocks, too. It's written by the Blue Dot Productions documentary team- quantum activists and brilliant leaders in conscious filmmaking.

13. My Interview with Author and Communications Coach Nick Morgan
You've read Nick's awesome book, "Trust Me: Four Steps to Authenticity and Charisma," right? No? Here's a glimpse. It's a must-read book!


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