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Five in the Morning

In the "...and now for something completely different..." department, I bring you...

"Five in the Morning"

My good friend Steve Woodruff writes a daily series called "Five in the Morning." Each morning, Steve links to five interesting posts he's recently discovered. Steve has begun reaching out to various writers to guest post "Five in the Morning" on their site.

When Steve asked me to post five interesting links for the series, I couldn't wait! I figured this would be a great opportunity to share with you some of my other interests in addition to corporate filmmaking.

(Sorry, Steve, for breaking the rules. I think there's more than five links here. Dang, there I go again. Breakin' them rules!)

OK, time to rock 'n' roll...

1. "An Invitation to Quantum Activism"

Are you a "quantum activist?" You just might be and not even know it. Dr. Amit Goswami is a theoretical quantum physicist who has the remarkable gift of decoding complex quantum physics concepts into simple and meaningful ideas that will literally flip your current thinking and change how you "see" your world.

Amit: "Quantum Activism is the idea of transforming ourselves and our societies in accordance with the transforming messages of quantum physics and the new paradigm."

I personally believe consciousness is the new frontier in our evolution and quantum physics will lead the way.

Don't miss Goswami's "Quantum Activist" new documentary. It's still being produced but you'll love this trailer!

2. "Can You Float Your Way to Creative Flow?"

Floating? You're kidding, right? Nope. Ever hear of float tanks? Believe it or not, I use to build float tanks during my college days in New Orleans while also studying yoga and meditation.

So when Mark McGuinness posted the benefits of floating, my jaw just dropped. I haven't floated in over 20 years and Mark's post brought back wonderful memories. Float your way to creativity? You bet. Don't miss this one, folks.

3. "Failure: The Secret to Success"

Have you seen Honda's new "Dream the Impossible" corporate documentary series? It's simply stunning, engaging, moving, captivating. The whole nine yards. Dang, they nailed it. Hat tip to JP Holecka who I met on Twitter and told me about the series.

4. "Daniel Pink’s Travel Tips"

Do you travel? Then you'll dig these cool, super-short video riffs from the man who brought us "A Whole New Mind."  

5. "The Anatomy of a Tweet: Twitter Gets a Style Guide"

The NYTimes covering Twitter? About a Twitter styleguide? Yup. Who da thunk? Check it out. Hat tip to my friend Judy Martin for tweeting about this.

BONUS: Beatle News

Of course, you know that this post wouldn't be complete without anything Beatle-related, right? :) Here's where you can go to get all things Beatles. Just sayin'.

Thanks for this neat opportunity to guest post for you, Steve. Oh...be sure to hook up with Steve before you leave here, OK?

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