Revealed: My (Best) Video Interviewing Secret Ever
Monday, March 28, 2011 at 03:33PM
Thomas Clifford in audio interview, content marketing institute, interview tips, interview tips, video interview

After interviewing 1,500+ people on-camera, I've learned how to deal with lots of different interviewing challenges.

And I've learned lots of little secrets to work around those challenges.

But there is one very cool interviewing secret I learned (um, the hard way)
And now, you can use it, too.

Once I discovered this technique, I started using it successfully in every interview from that moment on.

Nowadays, content comes from a variety of sources
If part of your marketing content depends on capturing great material from interviews, then you'll be interested in knowing about this technique.

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"Why Video Interview Content Falls Short (And How to Fix It)."

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P.S. I almost forgot.

You can use this technique in your audio and print interviews, as well.

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