3 Benefits of Writing a Free E-book
Sunday, May 22, 2011 at 10:47AM
Thomas Clifford in ebook, ebook

For the longest time (a few years, actually!), I've had a number of folks tell me I should write an e-book and give it away to subscribers.

And for years, I thought "Someday I'll get it." (Yeah, right.)

Well, that "someday" finally came.

About a month ago I published a free 26-page e-book, "5 (Ridiculously Simple) Ways to Write Faster, Better, Easier." (The e-book is available to anyone who subscribes to this blog.)

When the e-book was finally published, I had no idea what to expect. Would people love it? Hate it? Would they really care about it? I had all the typical questions anyone would have if they were considering writing an e-book.

Once the e-book was available, I discovered many (eye-opening) benefits of having finally written one. What are the benefits?

Head on over to Savvy B2B Marketing where I share the benefits of writing an e-book in an article called, "3 (Eye-Opening) Benefits I Learned Writing a Free E-Book."

If you've ever wondered why you should publish a free e-book for your audience, check out what I learned. The benefits go far beyond the three I mentioned but, hey, three is a start.

I hope my article inspires you to write your own e-book someday.

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