Is Your E-Book Sitting Right Under Your Nose? Find Out in 4 Steps
Tuesday, June 14, 2011 at 12:51PM
Thomas Clifford in content marketing institute, ebook

When I published my free e-book, "5 (Ridiculously Simple) Ways to Write Faster, Better, Easier," I used four steps to create it.

The articles in it were previously kicking around here, there and everywhere.

You, too, might have a few articles kicking around that have been published; or maybe they're just sitting in your computer.

Either way, consider resurrecting those articles from the graveyard and package them into an e-book.

You can repurpose your existing articles into an e-book in four simple steps.

My latest article for Content Marketing Institute, "4 Steps to Publish an E-Book: Tap into Your Existing Articles," shows you exactly how to do it.

Check it out, share a comment, tweet it, etc.


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