The (Almost) Perfect E-Mail: 7 Step Checklist 
Wednesday, June 29, 2011 at 01:28PM
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I was comparing different e-mail techniques with a friend just the other day.

The conversation prompted me to write down my e-mail process and to share it with you.

I (usually) go through seven points before sending any e-mail.

Take these tips for a spin sometime. I think you'll find them helpful in your future e-mail communications.

The (Almost) Perfect E-Mail: 7 Step Checklist 

1) Did I check the spelling of the recipient’s name?
Sounds kind of obvious, but, hey – it’s important. And while I'm at it, I'll double-check the rest of the spelling and grammar in the e-mail.

2) Is the subject line sharp and precise?
Not only does a precise subject title help draw attention to your email, it helps the recipient find your e-mail quickly– without much hassle. 

3) Did I answer the recipient’s question(s)?
Rambling off topic can happen easily!

4) Did I address any possible objections?
I put myself in the recipient’s shoes to reduce e-mail ping-pong.

5) Is there a next step?
It’s good to keep the ball rolling by including a next step (or two).

6) Include a P.S.
I read somewhere (forgot where!) that the P.S. is the second most often read part of a letter. Here are six awesome e-mail marketing powers of the P.S. from HubSpot. 

7) Don’t send the e-mail immediately. Save it in the “Drafts” folder!
This is my favorite technique. Wait a few minutes (or hours) before sending your e-mail. The elapsed time gives you the distance you need to see your response a bit more objectively.

These are my favorite tips for communicating through e-mail.

What about you?

Do you have e-mail tips that help you communicate clearly and effectively?

Feel free to share them in the comments.

P.S. Check out the Email Charter by TED Curator Chris Anderson. It's a pretty cool idea.

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