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You're lucky when you can transform a life with your craft.

Every few years I get reminders that creating corporate documentaries is a powerful tool.

I recently got one of those reminders on a national film I am currently directing.  

One of the people featured in the film said "it was the best thing that ever happened to them and changed their life forever."  

Cool.  Nice way to end the week.

Curt Rosengren's post reminded me of this.

Have a great weekend. 





Bold Moves: Ford Creates Authentic Documentary Series

Friends...you may not realize it, but this is history in the making!

I am excited...jealous...thrilled...hopeful...ecstatic!  

Those who believe that a camera does not change the outcome will be re-thinking that theory for some time.  hdrBoldMovesMain.gif

Why?  Ford Motor Company is creating a min-documentary series about the future of Ford called, Bold Moves.

What's the big deal?  The big deal is this:

In the intro video, the first words out of an executive's mouth in one of their meetings is: "It has to be authentic.  It has to be real and be lived authentically on the web."

This is a story about Ford's ability to tell their story about "Change or Die" in an authentic manner...warts, dreams and all.  All documented in real-time.

These video are short.  The videos are authentic films documenting the complete make-over of Ford.  They capture the heart and soul of a company; it's process of innovating products.

We, the viewer, finally get an on-going glimpse of what a company goes through to tell its story...authentically and with consumer participation.

Indeed, we are in some exciting times in the filmmaking world!

Director Tom



Organic "Outlaws:" Boycott the "Big 7"

I thought I was making a difference.  But now, it's just too hard to know.

Loopholes in organic labeling are making it nearly impossible to buy real organic food. 

(photo)                                  How pathetic.189515973_0750e87ae2_m.jpg                   

Horizon and Aurora are two of the largest "organic" companies today...or so they claim.  These companies supply "organic private label" brands to Wild Oats, Costco, Safeway and others. 

You know the brands--Silk, Nature's Promise and White Wave.  And there's more brands...lots more.  Everybody is jumping on the "organic" brandwagon.

Well, here's the rub...according to the Organic Consumers Association, these companies often use animal feed that is conventional, their livestock is confined with little access to pasture and their farming practices often do not meet organic standards.

What does one do? 

I, for one, will not purchase these products until these companies, and others like them, change their practice and meet the organic standards through indpendent third party examinations.  I encourage everyone to do the same.

The Horizon and Aurora "story" was good for a while.  People felt good about the brand.  I did.  Maybe you did, too.  I felt I was making a difference.  We bought the brand.

And good branding makes one feel good.  It's that simple. 

But their story was not authentic.  These company values were not aligned with their individual values.  Hence, a broken brand has been created.  Fixing a broken brand is a tough road. 

So...am I still making a difference?  

I think so.  Why? 

Because there are other organic companies with authentic stories to tell.  Those stories will have values that will create a brand that is in alignment with my values, and yours.

"Director" Tom

...Authentic Corporate-Image Filmmaker



Jethro Tull Teaches Personal Branding

ian.jpgIan Anderson, the lead singer and frontman for Jethro Tull, is the king of personal branding. 

While driving home after the show last night, I kept thinking of Ian as a brand; a brand with definite feelings that arise just thinking of his name.  Here's what Ian taught me last night: 

1.  Journey:  When the lights go down, the journey begins.  Ian takes you places you never expected to go.  

2.  Mystery:  There's a sense of uncertainty and intrigue during every minute of the show.

3.  Expectations:  You know what to expect--no surprises.

4.  Surprises:  Once your expectations are set, the surprises begin.

5.  Fun:   Play is "centerstage," so to speak.  Nothing too serious, folks.

If I were to incorporate Ian's brand within my practice, here's the questions I have to ask myself: 

Do I provide a "journey" for my clients?  Is there some mystery about the way I work and tell my story?  Are my clients expecting certain feelings when they are engaged with me?  Do we surprise our customers with something more than what they were expecting?  Am I fun to be around?

Maybe if I think like Ian Anderson every now and then, I'll surprise myself and my customers.

Now...if I can just figure out how to play that flute!

Tom :-) 

 ...film matters


Thanks, Rajesh Setty :-)


If you haven't stopped by Rajesh Setty's website, Life Beyond Code, you're missing out on some truly magnificent wisdom.

Rajesh gave me a nice "plug" on his site (thank you, Rajesh!)

His site is full of interesting and various articles to help you grow beyond your cubicle; packed with ideas on how to brand yourself and simply... to help you be the best you can be.  This is great stuff, dear friends.

Rajesh also wrote the book, Beyond Code: Learn to Distinguish Yourself in 9 Simple Steps.  It features a foreward by Tom Peters.  The book is powerful, has easy-to-implement ideas, and is accessible to all.

Thanks, Rajesh, for helping me to realize the power of personal branding...I'll never think the same again!

"Director" Tom