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Your Desires: A Blueprint for Fulfillment



How do you fulfill your desires? Or you even clear what your desires are? If not, why not?

How can you possibly expect to "get" what you think you want, if you haven't made those intentions clear...to yourself or the universe?

If you were to draw a "roadmap" or "blueprint" that described the path for the fulfillment of desires, what would it look like?

Deepak Chopra's article on "Desire and the Chain of Command" is a stunning display of how desire gets fulfilled in our lives.

According to Deepak, desires pass through four layers or levels of manifestation:
1. personal consciousness
2. the desire body , or the unconscious level
3. collective consciousness
4. pure consciousness

The clearer our desires become at the deepest levels, the better the chances of those desires have of becoming fulfilled.

So...if, indeed, there is a roadmap to help you fulfill your desires...what are you waiting for?



Why your story matters

I recently came across Tom Asacker. Tom who?

Tom is a "branding guru."

Tom's article reinforces the concept that your stories about yourself and your company are more memorable and meaningful than your facts, figures and data.

The one idea that keeps raising its head at me over and over, is this:
your brand is your story; your story is your brand.

So here's the question: are your customers going to remember you by your "stuff" or your "story?"

Stuff...or, story?

It's your choice.


R U a Global Microbrand?


Here's more proof of how small counts.

How small?

For starters, how about you?

People brand you, like it or not.

Asking the global questions:
Who am I? Why am I here? What do I want?

...will give you the micro answers:
Your brand...your story...your uniqueness...your "you!"

So...whose telling your story?

Director Tom :)


What's the sound of the universe listening?


If I were to guess how many people consciously practice envisioning a future for themselves...
I bet it's not many.

Why is that, I wonder? It's really not difficult to create visions.

Have you ever tried it? Again...I bet not.

Why? It's not hard--really. You know what's hard? Discipline.

The discipline of conscious creation.

That's hard. But it shouldn't be, should it?

After all, it's your life. So what the heck-

Close your eyes for three minutes. Ask for what you want. Then let it go.

The universe has a funny way of listening.

Director Tom :)


Stuck in a Rabbit Hole?


Down "The Rabbit Hole" has hit the market.

5 hours+ of "what is reality?" and "who is creating it?"

New scenes, tons of new interviews, expanded original version, and more.

Phew!!! What are you waiting for?

Director Tom