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Michael Martine, Blog Alchemist, Remarkablogger.com 

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Michael Moore:  "Sicko"


Thanks, Michael  :-)

It's payback time.




Is "Story" a Hologram?

I got to thinking...

Unlike a photograph, a hologram contains the "whole in every part."

No matter how small the slice is, that single piece contains the whole.

Just like that story you heard, or read, or saw.

Every story (the part), contains a truth (the whole) we all know as true, at some level.

Truth is experienced in the tiniest of places.


Help! My Iceberg is Melting!

Spent today reading "Our Iceberg is Melting" by change gurus John Kotter and Jolger Rathgeber.


Consider it as the new version of "Who Moved my Cheese?"

Using the fable approach to change, Kotter strikes a chord that resonates quickly and easily with the reader.

The idea that a penguin colony's iceberg is melting away gives rise to widespread fear and panic to penguins everywhere...where do the penguins go? They have lived their entire lives in one place and this is all they know. They feel trapped...until a seagull shows them the way out. (You'll have to read the book to understand).

Change is everywhere; happening all the time to you and me. While it's natural to resist change, the penguins in this story finally realize there are other icebergs they can move to and eventually live on.

What "iceberg" are you resting on? Is it melting? If so, what are you going to do?

What are you afraid of?


Slice of Life

Lately I’ve been taking a book with me on my evening walks. Since I just picked up Seth Godin's new book, "Small is the New Big," I took it with me on my walk tonight.

My neighborhood is small and friendly.

While walking, I approached an elderly lady who asked me, “What are you reading?”
“Oh, ‘Small is the New Big.’
She asked, “What kind of book is that?”
“Well,” I said, “it’s a book about many things, primarily neat business ideas.”
“Are you a business man?” she asked.
“No, no...I’m a documentary filmmaker. I make films for businesses so I enjoy reading business books.”
“Oh, I see,” she said. “Well, best of luck to you.”
We then parted ways.

On my return walk home, we bumped into each other again. She quickly came up to me and said, “Can I ask you a question?”
“Of course,” I said.
“What do you think of George Bush?”
“Hmmm....I can’t wait for ‘08, then he can go back to Texas to mountain bike,” I responded.
“He has done such great damage to our country, don’t you think?”
“Yes,” I said, “He has.”
She asked if I voted in the Lieberman-Lemont race.
“No. I’m a registered Independent. I sick of both parties,” I said. “I won’t support either party anymore.”

She squinted her eyes, furled her eyebrows, made a funny look, then said to me, “You’re brilliant!”
She put her right hand to her mouth, blew me a kiss, and said good-bye.

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